Friday, February 6, 2009

Hotel Lading Survive Tsunami

This page dedicated to our beloved uncle,
Mr. Iwan Wahab, and his family.
Your kindness will be in our heart - forever.
(Tia, Adit, Aria, Atthar, Farhan)

Hotel Lading, December 2004.

... the tsunami.

Hotel Lading, November 2005.

... The Clean Up Process.

Hotel Lading, April 2007.

... The Engineer Arrived at Hotel Lading.
Big Project start with Small Discussion.

Hotel Lading, May 2007.

... The Drawing Board

Hotel Lading, August 2007.

... The renovation process begin.
It remarks The Birth of New Hotel Lading.

Hotel Lading, July 2008

... Finally, The New Hotel Lading.
New Management, Fresh Idea, New Spirit !

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